I know I tend to dish out a lot advice in my blogs. I struggle with day to day life and I like to share what helps my brain get through the day. I am no Dr. Phil and I don't have as many degrees as a thermometer but I have plenty of problems and I like to help those going through similar struggles.

I have said many times that I think happiness is a conscious decision. I believe we can choose our mood. There are many things that try  to effect it but if you are set on being happy, you will be. I know there are times when I just want to be mad for awhile. That is a conscious decision as well. We choose whether we are going to let something into our minds or not. I have trained myself to just not "go there". People can mistake my attitude for that of not caring but the truth is I just don't let it in. I care, I just won't let that crap kill my day.

It all comes down to making sure your desire to be up is stronger than that which tries to bring you down. I have heard that sometimes vodka helps. :)