Always a great time at the Grizzly Rose and I love the fact they bring in bands that are huge in other parts of the country and in other parts no one has every heard of them.  Since I do all the radio ads for the Grizzly Rose I get to hear bits and pieces of all of 'em and this is one of my favorite bands...that you may have never heard of.

Love these guys: The LoCash Cowboys!

Catch 'em at the Grizzly Rose on Wednesday April 18 as part of the LoCash Country Jam!  And it seems like April is a good month for these guys!

It was in April of 2008 the LoCash Cowboys were doing what they do best--rocking a packed house. Preston Brust and Chris Lucas were at Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon, where the two of them had met a few years earlier. They had been criss-crossing the country developing one of the most dynamic live shows in any genre of music. Along the way, they sold more than 60,000 copies of their homemade CD, earned endorsements from the likes of Budweiser, shared bills with artists including Charlie Daniels and ZZ Top, performed at halftime of NBA and U.S. Olympic team basketball games, and earned television appearances ranging from Tanya Tucker's reality show "Tuckerville" to "Pageant School: Becoming Miss America," writing the theme songs for both.

It was one of my favorite country artist, Jeffrey Steele that signed on as songwriting partner and producer. After building and gathering strength for years, earning a growing legion of fans inside and outside the industry, the LoCash Cowboys saw their momentum become a perfect storm and are still riding the wave.  Sometimes make you wonder how some get that big break and others don't.

Anyway, sink your teeth into my favorite video of the week called "Here Comes Summer" and you'll love 'em live!  Get tickets at The Grizzly Rose.