So where and when are we supposed to leave comments on FB?  Wherever you want is the simple and easy answer but keep in mind there is one place your comments should start, on any story.

What is the one thing that every story has in common with it's readers?  The story itself.

I bring this up because there are so many times I see comments on a story through FB that was written by either me or someone else here at K99 that I/we wished had been seen by everyone.  More times than not all the great comments only get seen by a small fraction of people who are reading and commenting on the story via a 2nd or 3rd source.

A good example is when I write a story.  I am responsible for 5 FB pages on a daily basis and many of the stories I write go on multiple pages.  So those who leave a comment on one FB page will never been seen by others on another page.  But if the comment was on the story itself, it would be seen by everyone who read the story.

I just think it would be really nice to see the comments originate on the story itself.  Every story we publish on our website has a "comment" section right below every story.  And if you sign in using FB it will post to your page automatically anyway.  But the point is that the only thing that every reader has in common is the story itself so please feel free to use the comment section on the stories themselves.

And by all means, keep posting on the FB pages as well but keep in mind that if you want many to see your comment, post it on the one place every reader has to go and that is the story itself.  For example:  Leave your original comment on the originating story itself and then you can copy and paste your comment via the FB page it's on too or use that opportunity to expand on your original comment from the story itself or perhaps a new comment.

I just want to make sure your great comments get seen by more people than not.  They can either make or break a story and it's all up to you which direction it goes.