I'm not one to get nervous at the dentist, but what I did isn't anything I've ever heard anyone doing before.

D Dennison-TSM

I can't thank Robyn enough, she was fantastic. I have, for unsaid reasons, neglected myself in a few areas over the last year and a half and I was way overdue for a dental visit. This was the first of two visit's to clean up that mess in my mouth, yep, a deep cleaning. But Robyn numbed me perfectly and was so kind it almost felt like I was at the spa, seriously.

So what did I do at the dentist? Well, as Robyn worked on me I kept dozing off, to the point where she went and got a bridge to hold my mouth open. Having a 'crutch' to hold my mouth open was all I needed for a nice nap. Probably the best nap I've had in months.... Until, I started choking on my own spit! She sat me up and got me some water and all was fine, but that kept me awake for the rest of the procedure. Good times, thank you Robyn for being stellar at your job!