I am a dad. I can’t help it. Even when your kids are grown you are still a dad and do dad things. My daughter and grandson are leaving for a trip to Utah today. I spent yesterday doing all the dad things. I am making her take my truck instead of her car in case of bad weather. I have it filled up, cleaned, tire pressure checked and in perfect working order. I don’t do that for me but when it’s your kid, you do.

I left extra cash for emergencies and credit card just in case. I heard my wife say “you know a truck handles different than a car”. “Duh” was the look on my daughters face. She is 21 and has a baby. I think she knows how to drive and that a truck and car are different yet for some reason we think of our kids as 15. I even said not to use your phone while driving because it is dangerous. I then told her to text me every hour which she pointed out would be hard to do if she can’t use the phone and drive. I said I would settle for every time she stops.

I walked by my grandsons room and peeked in at him sleeping this morning. I was welled up with tears. He is only leaving for few days but it is the first time I will be without him for longer than a day since he was born. I am not a strong father or grandfather when it comes to emotions. I love my family and will always be the protector.

As I was doing all the pre-trip prep work I couldn’t help but think of that Subaru commercial where the guy is talking to his little girl in the car and she turns into a teenager before your eyes. Every dad knows that feeling. Drive safely my little adult but you will always be daddy’s little girl.

Thanks to YouTube for the Video!