I admit it, I am a bit of a freak. I have so many quirky things about my personality and the way I go about things. I am an odd cat and I know I am difficult to live with and figure out, (just ask my wife), in fact it has taken me years to learn how to live with me.

I am always writing little notes to myself to help me remember things, setting reminders in my phone, emailing ideas to myself and so on. I have learned that is the only way I feel confident that I have all my bases covered. I am one of those guys who always would fret and stew about everything, a certified worry wart. I would find myself walking around worrying about deadlines at work, the 28 hours of hope, the habajeeba show or upcoming doctor appointments, money situations or the kids, in fact there were times I would sit and think, “what was I supposed to be worrying about now?” I would lay in bed at night and couldn’t get my brain to shut off, it would just constantly swirl around thoughts of deadlines and worries. I then heard someone say, “you can only control the moment you are in now.” I decided I was going to try to change the way I worry.

I now set aside a 15 to 20 minute period of the day for fretting and stewing. If worrying thoughts start creeping into my brain, I tell myself that I will deal that at 3:30 during my fret and stew time. I can honestly say I do this and it took quite a long time to perfect it but I have gotten myself to the point where I automatically put off the worrying thoughts until its scheduled time. I find more often than not that I don't use my fret and stew time.  It has made me much easier for me to live with.

The minds powers are so untapped and I am learning new ways to work mine every day. Don’t let fret and stew run your life just allow them  their scheduled time.