I am disgusted with my cheating. I was playing Words With Friends with my daughter yesterday and I went to one of those “cheat” websites where you just type in your letters and it gives you all the words that can be made with your letters. I stopped for a second and thought..”how lazy am I getting?” We have become so reliant on gadgets that we don’t even do our own thinking anymore. Phones are getting smarter and we are getting dumber. We don’t know how to spell anymore. We just go to spellcheck. When we were kids you couldn’t bring a calculator to class now no one can do math without one. The next generation may not even be able to sign their name, nobody writes anymore, we just type or click a button beside our name. We don’t even know anybody’s phone number either. We just have them listed by name and click the button. If someone asked my son’s number all I could say is that I have it filed under N for Nick. You don’t even have to know ANYTHING, just click the button and ask “What is the capital of South Carolina?” and your phone will tell you “Columbia”. I challenge you to see if you can go a whole day a month using your own brain and not relying on technology. No cheating, just thinking for yourself. We will call it Think For Yourself Day and see if we can make it through the day. I will call and check how you’re doing with it if I can remember your number.