I refuse to grow up and I continue to do stupid things. I think I have a defective gene or something. I have swam with huge bass inside the worlds largest traveling indoor aquarium. I have bungee jumped over a used car lot. I have lost a bet and had to get a Twinkie tattoo and now I have been inducted into the Wall of Flame at the Wing Shack in Greeley.

Last weekend I was broadcasting at the new Wing Shack on 65th avenue in Greeley. I love the wings there and was looking forward to hanging out at the new location and seeing what they had to offer. I was there with my coworker and friend Kathleen who is a Louisiana girl. Kathleen is a hot food junkie and decided she was going to take the Bear Hot Wing Challenge. I am not usually a huge fan of overly hot food but thought if she is doing it, I will give it a shot.

Now I have been a fan of the show Man vs. Food for a long time and always wondered what it would be like to do one of those food challenges. Here was my chance. I sat down in my chair at the table with my other eaters, Kathleen and Challys, who is an employee at the Wing Shack. Here is how the competition goes. You are given 12 Bear Hot wings, a glass of water and no napkins. You have 6 minutes to eat all the wings and if you do you get a bottle of wing sauce and your picture on the Wall of Flame.

The whole restaurant gathered around our table as the clock began to tick. Two minutes into the competition Challys finishes her wings and says she has to get back to work. I believe I mentally flipped her off at this point. Four and half minutes into it, Kathleen is done. I am now sitting there alone with 3 wings left, a face as red as a radio flyer wagon and a minute and a half to go. With the crowd cheering me on, I was able to down them with seconds to spare. Victory was mine.

The problem I now faced was this. As I have my final mouthful of molten lava chicken I could hear the song fading on the radio. That meant that I had to go on the air in a matter of seconds. I did my final live break from the remote with hot wing sauce burning my face like acid and my mouth shooting flames like a fire breathing dragon.

I went to bed that night with the sweet taste of success but fearful of the burning that was yet to come. Surprisingly, my night went well and pain free. The following morning was another story all together. My stomach made noises like I had swallowed an old dial-up modem. I didn’t know whether I would need to call a doctor or the Geek Squad. I survived the morning and was even able to eat jalapenos by afternoon.

If you love wings, you will love the Wing Shack in Greeley and Loveland. If you are up for a challenge, try the Bear Hot Wing challenge and you may see your sauce slathered smiling face on the wall next to mine.