Have you ever been that one that really didn't get what was being said and commented only to have everyone look at you like you had a third eye?


I think in a recent meeting I was that person. Somehow someone was talking about hot chili peppers (it was an important meeting) and then I mentioned something about tomorrow and that was just awkward (and if you don't know what I mean, I will not elaborate)

I then got curious, do you always pay attention or stay on point in a meeting and if not what kind of random things accidentally come out of your mouth that you wish you hadn't said.

Obviously today was silly stupid, but my most annoying pet peeve in a meeting is when the head of the meeting says a very complete, thorough and to the point sentence and someone raises their hand and ask a question that inquires about three points of everything just said, really? Pay attention people!

What have you said or what bothers you... even if its just the meeting itself, tell all now.