Yesterday was very humiliating day for me. I had to give up my office that I shared with several djs.  I have been at the radio station for over 2 decades and now I feel like a man without a country. I left the station today with 25 years of memories in a box. It felt like I was being fired.  I even made a video to help share my experience.

I had to take my plaques and even clock off the wall.  I removed everything from my bulletin board. I cleaned out my desk.  I threw away a ton of stuff.  The rest was packed into a box and carried to my truck.   The djs are getting a new office. It will be much smaller.  I won't have my own desk or place to store anything. Kind of makes me sad.

Maybe if I put in another 25 years at K99, I will earn an office.   A boy can dream. I am honestly not trying to complain, just sharing my feelings...and yesterday I felt a great sense of loss.  Dave Jensen helped me make the video below.