Today there are two big birthdays. My wife Kyla and Barbie were both born on this date and I have played with both them. I have always tried to treat my wife with kindness and love but I can’t say the same about Barbie. I know I am not the only boy who did improper things with Barbie and GI Joe.

They did have a bit of torrid romance in my room as a youngster. I know that Barbie has had many unpleasant haircuts from younger brothers throughout the years and also experienced some melted limbs. This poor gal has seen a lot in her 53 years.

Aside from living through the horrors of little brothers tortures she has found many careers and hobbies. She has been a nurse, an office worker, an actress, a race car driver and much more. I admire her adversity. Happy Birthday Barbie. I hope you are around for another 53 years and find a real man.

This video is the Good Morning Guys tribute to Barbie. I do the singing. Todd is on Kazoo. Barbie and Ken play themselves.  Pleas enjoy "The Barbie Blues".  Caution Ken may be in a state of undress at times.