Birthdays, flag football games and soccer-wedding's, swimming and fishing-concerts and fireworks: city park in Fort Collins has been the center stage for 100 years!

100 Years of City Park Unfold:

  • The land for City Park was purchased by John Sheldon in 1907.
  • Initial work to create the park began in 1911.
  • In 1912 the land was dubbed "City Park".
  • In 1919 a 26 space campground opened.
  • 1920 concerts begin.
  • 1925 a diving tower is built and campground showers are installed.
  • In 1932 the restrooms were added and the cannon to honor WWI Vets was put in place.
  • By 1940 a 9-hole golf course was in full swing.
  • 1949 Club Tico is moved to the park site.
  • Concessions are added to the pool area in 1956.
  • In 1983 the original ball fields were torn down and relocated.
  • Jumping ahead to 2004 huge renovations are implemented.
  • In 2006 a double-sided water slide is installed at the pool.
  • 2009 saw Club Tico get a face-lift

City Park has been an incredible venue for me and my family, we have celebrated special occasions, attended sports practice and games, sat quietly on the lawn, ridden the Trolley, swam, barbequed, gone for a ride on the kiddie train, watched the fireworks, danced in Club Tico and swung on the swing.  I am very grateful for the opportunities the park has provided our family and look forward to 100 more years of Fort Collins City Park fun.

The city of Fort Collins is celebrating the 100 years of City Park all year. According to a community news flyer the city has big plans for the Fourth of July this year.

Join the city on Facebook to post your pictures and share your memories at "100 years of city park". And learn more about the year long celebrations by clicking here.

In the meantime I have included a great gallery of pictures from yesterday and today, enjoy shots of me and my family.