Your fork will soon be your weight loss buddy, it's kind of like big brother is coming to dinner.

hapi fork

The worlds biggest electronics trade show kicks off in Las Vegas tomorrow and the rumor mill says that this years big attractions will be gadgets with sensors that will track just about everything, including what you eat.

The HAPIfork is a gadget lovers dream come true, a gadget lover looking to lose a few pounds that is. The fork will track how many bites you take, how fast you take them and how long your meal last's. Here's something fun, if you eat too fast the fork willstart blinking and vibrating. Studies say that eating more slowly can actually help you eat less and lose weight, giving you the chance to actual feel full before you are overstuffed and consume too may calories.

As with any good product these days, the 'smart' fork comes with a mobile app and a webpage to help you track your eating habits.

The HAPIfork, which will make its commercial debut in February, won't be available until April for the low price of $99.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas runs from January 8th thru the 11th and will feature many new gadgets and gizmos, some will make it to the consumer and some will burn out, possibly before the end of the show.


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