Seven years ago today country radio was introduced to a cool new song, 'If I Die Young' from a band called The Band Perry that would become one of the biggest hits of that year and act as a springboard for a very hot and promising career. They were a bit odd. They looked like they came straight from a renaissance fair but had a very cool and catchy sound. They said they learned to sing and play country music together with a lot of family front porch picking. I always wondered how 'country' their souls really were and apparently I was correct in questioning. Looking at them today, they sure have changed and decided to wear their own comfortable clothes.

The Band Perry no longer works the country scene and do not consider themselves a country act anymore at all (many would argue they never were) and have new music out. They have been making the talk show rounds showcasing their new sound. Check out The Band Perry we remember and the one who is rocking it now. Best of luck to them. They were always very kind and classy with us here at K99. Good luck out there on the other side of the fence guys.

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