"Give yourself a patch on the back."

Remember when you were a kid and you were in a club like the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts? I was never a member, but I do recall kids in my school wearing their super cool vests with their super cool patches on them. These were merit badges that were earned when the individual demonstrated mastery over a certain skill or task. Well that concept is now available for adults.

May I introduce to you, Merit Badge Patches for adults.

Yes, a company called Winks for Days is celebrating your ability to "adult." They sell beautifully embroidered, iron-on patches and they just launched an adulting line. Celebrate the fact that you minded your own business or called your mom, paid your bills on time or just put on real pants today. These are all classic forms of adulting and they are all worthy of a "patch on the back."

Patches are sold in sets like You Go Girl, Achievements, Corporate, Responsibilities, and Health. One of my favorites in the health set is the "Ate a Vegetable" set. I also love the "Used a Coupon" patch which is an adult skill I think I've mastered. I could use a patch that says "I finished the laundry in one day, instead of letting sit in the dryer for three days." Thank goodness for wrinkle release.

If you could make a merit badge for something you accomplished this week, what would it be?

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