On the 77th anniversary of Pear Harbor, Estes Park will be hosting 'An Intimate Dinner' with 12 of Estes Park's World War II Veterans. 

Every year, the World War II Era Ball in Boulder sells out; the bomber planes, glamorous '40s dresses and swing dancing all seem so romantic, but in reality it was a war. So, why not take the rare opportunity to meet those who actually served?

Destroyer Explodes
Keystone/Getty Images

According to the Estes Park Trail Gazette, only three percent of America's WWII veterans are still living, but Estes Park will be hosting an honorary dinner on December 7 where you can meet a dozen of them who served in the US Navy, US Army, and the Army Air Corps.

The dinner is hosted by Flinch Forward, an organization for military veterans and first responders transitioning back into civilian life. Get your tickets and more info from Estes Park Trail Gazette here.

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