In a perfect world, people would want to stay out of jail after being released. This world, however, is not perfect. SO imperfect that one woman was just arrested for trying to break in to a county jail after having recently been released.

Talisha Gwen McCann of Russellville, Alabama, set out on a mission to deliver prescription drugs and other contraband to inmates at the Franklin County jail. Surveillance video caught her using bolt cutters to try to get through a fence at the jail.

McCann, 42, was carrying 2 gallon-size bags of tobacco, a cellphone, and a "small amount of suboxone strips," according to Sheriff Shannon Oliver, which are used to help reduce cravings for heroin addicts.

She was held on multiple criminal counts, including possession of burglar's tools and possession of a controlled substance.

"This is a constant battle every day," Oliver says of the game corrections officials play with people attempting to get contraband in to inmates. "They try to throw stuff over the fence, or they'll leave it where, maybe if [inmates] go out to clean, they can pick it up or something of that nature."

According to corrections records, McCann was released from the same jail in late July on probation. Records for another case show she was indicted in May on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

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