Almost a year ago my wife and I moved to Colorado. We love our new home, and it has been great, but recently we noticed it might need some help.

Something we have been noticing lately is that the central a/c unit wasn’t cooling off the house like it should have been. We decided to get it inspected, and it turns out it wasn’t our central a/c unit that was the issue. Instead, it was actually our windows letting in so much hot air.

We did some digging for companies in the area and found Moffat Glass in Greeley. Not only are they phenomenal with the work they do, but they're also LOCAL and that means a lot to us. They've been around for 100 years, and through our experience with them, it's easy to see why.

Here are the top signs it's time to look into replacing your windows:

1. Like me, your HVAC system just can't keep up.

When high temperatures hit, your HVAC system just won’t stop. It’ll run its little heart and motor as long as it can. Unfortunately, sometimes that just isn’t enough. If you feel sweat dripping from your brow on a hot day, odds are there actually is a problem worth sweating about. It could be ductwork, but it could also be your windows. Getting new ones that have newer screens or frames could make all the difference.

2. Your energy bill seems like it’s skyrocketing.

Whether you’re noticing a change in your bill or compared to others you’ve talked to, the bills seems to be more than others in the area – you might want to have someone inspect your HVAC system. While it’s more expensive to run your a/c in the summer peak months, if it’s showing to be MUCH more and it doesn’t seem typical, you will want to call your company. Something might be wrong or it may just be time to invest in something more energy efficient.

3. Your windows are old.

There might be a charm to you about the older windows in your home, but they might be making a world of difference in how your HVAC system operates. Like us, you could have older windows that are letting all kinds of hot water sink into the house. That’s definitely something you’ll want to fix before the summer months – because it’ll also help your place stay warm as well.

4. You recently had a big storm.

If there are rips in your sashes or other issues from wind damage, it's time to look at replacing your windows. Not only will it help when using your HVAC system, but it'll also look nicer on the house. Plus it could prevent potential water damage depending on how bad the storm was.

If any of those issues sound familiar and you're considering replacing your windows, I can't recommend Moffat Glass enough. Call (970)352-6625 to schedule an appointment or visit the Moffat Glass website to get an estimate.

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