A couple weeks ago, we got to spend some quality time outdoors with our friends from The Great Outdoors RV (TGORV) at their newly-opened location, and it’s my pleasure to inform you that we’ll be reprising our role this weekend.

Last time we visited TGORV, there was a barbecue truck, games, too many lovely campers to count, and a mountain guru who could tell you the exact moment when you would find true happiness. Alright, maybe not that last one, but I wasn’t kidding about the campers, which is pretty close to true happiness anyway.

Come hang out on August 1 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the dealership’s new location, which you can find at 11521 21st St. in Greeley. We’ll be there, pumping tunes and having a good time, while you can look for the perfect camper for your next adventure, or find one spare part you just KNOW you’re going to need next time you pack off to the mountains.

Plus, TGORV will be offering games and prizes too, one of which includes $500 off any RV contracted during the event or $500 additional credit on your trade. No, still not sold? Ok, ok, we’ll sweeten the deal a little further: The first 25 people that arrive at the event will also get a free VIP package from the dealership. How ‘bout them trailers?

If you’d like to see what else The Great Outdoors RV can offer you, you can visit their website here.

In the meantime, check out the mobile studio that we just got from TGORV this month—We’ve been affectionately calling it the Swag-Wagon, and I think the name suits it.

Welcome to the Swag-Wagon

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