I am one of those people who if you tell me not to do something, I will probably do it. I have always been that way. If you hear a weather report saying take cover, I am outside looking around to see what is going on. I have always been a little too full of pride for my own good and will always stand my ground which is why what this broken animal did in Las Vegas is not going to stop me from doing what I do.

There is a lot of talk, understandably so, about whether people will still attend big outdoor concerts or will this event change that forever. I have no doubts that some things will change but I believe the show will still go on and we will keep going to our shows and celebrating the music, the artists and our love for it and them but will never ever forget the lives lost this past weekend.

How do you feel? Will what happened Sunday have an effect on your concert going habits?

You can help the victims and their families by making a donation the Las Vegas Victims' Fund by clicking here.

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