Lately, water in Loveland has looked funny, smelled funny, and tasted funny! Loveland Water and Power customers have experienced water quality issues, including discolored, musty water for several days because of a large, seasonal algae bloom at Green Ridge Glade Reservoir.

The Water is Safe

Don't worry! The water is safe! Water quality specialists have been closely monitoring water quality by testing water samples at the water treatment plant and also at homes and businesses throughout the city. Loveland Water and Power water continues to meet state and federal regulatory requirements for drinking water.

What is Being Done?

They have been taking water from a deep level in the reservoir to avoid the algae bloom. However, water at those depths can have a lower oxygen level, which can cause brown water in the distribution system. So, more water was used from the Big Thompson River at the water plant to introduce higher oxygen levels into the water supply. There has been a significant decrease in odor at the water plant.  Staff will continue to blend river and reservoir water to mitigate the water quality issues.

What Can You Do?

The algae is releasing a non-toxic organic compound that about 75 percent of the population can smell and taste. The smell is often described as grassy, musty or like “wet dirt.”  A carbon filter on a home water tap can reduce some odor and taste issues.

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