The big question that I've been asked since the announcement came late last week that the 7 Peaks Music Festival was going to be postponed again was this: "Why can the baseball all star game go on with over 50,000 people in the stands bunched together, but not 7 peaks?"

To be honest with you, I had that very same question when I initially heard the announcement, but according to 9 News, the reason is pretty simple. "Just because other counties and states are opening up doesn't mean that we here in Chaffee have to adhere to any peer pressure to do so," Chaffee County Public Health Director Andrew Carlstrom said at the July 7 meeting where the capacity was kept in place.

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Chaffee County can still issue public health orders as a public health agency, even in the absence of a statewide public health emergency, so in a nutshell that's just what they did.

Another example of this is Summit County, who still require children between the ages of 2-11 to wear masks indoors in childcare centers, camps and indoor recreational sports.

As bummed as we are about 7 Peaks being cancelled, the bright side is that there is SO much to be thankful for and excited about and we can still get our live music fix.

So until next year, 7 Peaks, we'll be ready to roll in a BIG way out in Buena Vista and we'll be fired up to see our good buddy Dierks and friends.

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