Yesterday was another painful chapter in the life of a Minnesota Viking fan. I had high hopes that this might be the year they broke through and finally made the Super Bowl again. I was wrong. They had a great year and gave me a lot of happiness but ultimately ripped my heart from my chest cavity and stomped on it once again.

There are plenty of places to lay blame for this loss. The offense was flat. The defense did not seem fired up and ready to play. They looked like a completely different team than I had seen all year. I realize, after deep thought, that it is I who needs to take the blame for this one.

All year, on game day Sunday, I would wake up, put on a Viking shirt and my purple Air Jordan's and then go have breakfast with Bob and Susan before the game. This week I put on my Viking shirt and laced up my shoes but the weather seemed a bit dicey to drive from Greeley to Fort Collins for breakfast so we decided the smart thing to do was to just stay home and not brave the ice. I blew it! I should've braved the ice and went. I threw off an entire season of positive mojo. I can hardly look in the mirror this morning. I have let down the entire SKOL Nation. Oh sure, the players and coaches can have some of the blame but I will throw a good 85% of it on me and my breakfast decision. I apologize to Viking fans everywhere and I promise to never let it happen again.

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