Many of us have no choice other than daycare when it comes to careers and children so when we leave our kids in this environment we tend to believe they are safe.  Are they? 

Debbie Gratz, age 59, was arrested last Friday at the Kiddie Academy in California.  This world class Grandmother figure was seen putting sleeping pills in the zippy cups of her class of 10, two years old's.  Yes, two years old!

The incident was reported immediately internally and she was fired but it was not reported to police until Monday.

I personally don't know if I could contain my anger towards this lazy woman. That's what it comes down too. Pure laziness, so she drugged her kids to keep them calm and her life less hectic.  Hey I get it, 10-two years old's probably isn't an easy job but if you can't do it, find something else, don't drug your kids.  I have never hit a woman in my life but there are several on my list, including this piece of trash, that I would lose no sleep over by busting a nose!

I hope she gets 10 counts of attempted murder but that's just me.  Perhaps I am being too harsh?

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