It was on this date in 1933 that the classic board game Monopoly was invented. I have spent endless evenings playing this game throughout my life and is still a family favorite. I have had all sorts of different versions of the game. I have had a Denver Bronco one. My wife has a pug version. I know Susan has a horse one too.

There have been many different game pieces through the years as well. The cannon, thimble, iron and bag of cash were all favorites of mine that are no longer included in the game. Many other pieces have bit the dust over history as well. They have recently added a new one. The cat has now replaced the thimble. The cat is a cool idea but I would like to see the redneck community acknowledged with a new piece. I have a few suggestions. Check out my ideas and vote for which one you would like added to Monopoly or come up with one of your own. Do your job as an American and vote here.

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