If there's one thing out of a handful of options to bring a community together and promote opportunities to achieve various goals for the common good, it would be putting up tiny sheds filled with free books throughout neighborhoods of Northern Colorado. (Seriously.)

Since 2009, Little Free Library has popped up in neighborhoods all over the United States to "promote literacy and the love of reading" and "to build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity, and wisdom across generations." You may have seen these little libraries around town - they're built with recycled and other found materials, demonstrate green building techniques, and look like adorable little houses. The idea is to take a book (for free - this is a library!) and also leave a book behind in its place so that someone else can enjoy a fresh piece of literature.

Obviously the one shown above is from Denver (just outside the History Colorado Center, to be exact), but there are dozens of Little Free Libraries all across Northern Colorado. To find specific addresses or the closest one to you, go here. Below is a preview of where you can find a Little Free Library in Northern Colorado.

Interested in building and maintaining your own Little Free Library? The organization sells kits and other sheds to get you started, plus offers tips and stories from other library stewards.

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