Your NCAA Tournament watch party just isn't complete without wings.

March Madness is here people! The play-in games have gotten underway and soon you'll be looking for every for every excuse in the book to get out of work to watch your favorite teams. Right? Is that just me? Well, at the very least, you may find yourself at a watch party or even hosting one.

What are you serving up at your watch party?

For me, it's always wings. This might stem from my time living in NYC and working for ESPN New York. This time of year we spent a lot of time at Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings across the tri-state area hosting watch parties. I guess old habits die hard, but wings are always at the forefront of my mind when tournament time comes around.

So where can you find the best wings in Colorado?

According to Delish, the best wings are found at Grillin' Wings & Things in Lone Tree. Of course, there is a location in Denver as well. Wings are deep fried and then tossed on the grill until they're crispy, before being doused in one of 12 different sauces. All of their wings are gluten free. Delish even pointed out that Grillin' serves "pig wings" which are mini pork shanks that are prepared and served just like chicken wings.

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