First off, the 'B' in 'B-Ball' stands for 'basket.'  It's basketball.

You're welcome.

Has anyone come to you yet asking if you want to purchase a bracket?  I would just as soon buy someone lunch, because I have as good of a chance of guessing who will win a basketball playoff as winning the lottery without buying a ticket.  I can't get into watching the game, but... I have huge, mad respect for the players and coaches, because I know they put a lot of work, passion, and dedication into what they're doing.  For a lot of them, it's their dream.

How 'into' basketball are the bigger towns around Colorado and southeast Wyoming?  Well, our trusty Wallet Hub friends took a look at 289 towns across the U.S. and answered that, based on things like:

  • Number of basketball teams in a given city
  • Winning percentage of each to stadium capacity, and
  • Social media engagement.

Boulder came in at 114th.

Fort Collins, 122nd.

Laramie is 124th.

Denver - 218.

Greeley is 245th most crazy about basketball.

Colorado Springs came in at 283.






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