Darius Rucker has a big hit now with "For the First Time". It is a song about doing something you have never tried before and putting some excitement into life. What about the other end of that spectrum? When was the last time you did something like it was your last time? Tim McGraw sang about living like your dying. I don't want to live thinking about death but I do want to stop and take in every moment of beauty, joy and happiness that I can and let them soak in and marinate on me more than ever before. You never know when they will disappear.

As we get older and see more of the ugliness in the world and the business world we realize that our time can be up without warning. Just like you never know when your actual life will end, you sometimes don't have a choice when your professional one ends either. We see it every day. I am vowing to enjoy every bit of the fun in this job and this life while I am still here. I am going to treat every day, every meal with my family, every moment with my friends, every day on the radio, every single personal appearance and every event that I attend as if it is the last one and really soak it all in and enjoy it. Let's savor life and it's beautiful moments. Live it, take it in and store it like you won't have it again. Life is short and has no guarantees, so savor all the flavors every single day.

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