Just days back, we told you about boxed beer now being available to the masses.  What beer drinker wouldn't LOVE an inexpensive, disposable tap in their fridge?

Now, for those whom boxed wine just isn't doing the job, or perhaps don't have interest in boxed beer, good news:  A company called Black Box Wines just rolled out new boxed liquors, including vodka, tequila, and whiskey!

Colorado is one of six states offering this so far.  (The others are Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.)

They do admit that, much like the stereotypical boxed wines, these liquors are . . . well, maybe not top shelf quality, but at least medium shelf - which should work fine because, let's face it:  Most of us who drink our booze from a sizable box are more about the quantity than the quality!


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