I have had so many people contact me to congratulate me on 'retiring'. I need to be clear...I AM NOT RETIRING, I am just moving on to what is next in life. I feel incredible and am looking forward to finding out what exciting adventure awaits my wife and I next. I am open to wherever the river leads me but I do have a plan as well. I am ready to take on the world and teach it how to find happiness.

Next year I will be launching a motivational speaking business called 'Brian Gary Happiness Warrior'. I have often preached about being happy and how to achieve it, even in an angry world. I would like to spread that message around the globe. I have overcome much and still battle daily with many things but always strive to find a way to win. I have battled anxiety, depression, panic, heart attacks, diabetes, massive infections and all sorts of other weird things but have always found the rainbow after the storm. It is always there, but it takes work to find it and keep it. I want to show the world how. I overcame all odds and massive doubts and lost 140 lbs and changed my life. I know that anyone can do the same with total dedication. I am on a mission to change the world.

I already have a Brian Gary Happiness Warrior Facebook page up and rolling to check out and 'like' please, but it is in the developing stage and will continue to be worked on until I launch at the end of January. I am also working on the BrianGaryHappinessWarrior website which will be ready by the end of January as well. I have much work to do but I am very excited about the possibilities and the difference I hope to make in the world. I truly feel this is my next calling. I was given this new body and energy to do something with and I know this is it. We have a couple more months of fun on the radio until my farewell at the Habajeeba Show January 25 at the UCCC in Greeley and then it is time for The Happiness Warrior to head into battle. I hope I get to see you on that road to happiness.

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