Jake Gyllenhaal Source CodeMy wife and I don't go to the movies very often. We have Netflix. We can watch movies On Demand! Most of the time we are just too darn busy. On Easter Sunday we decided it was time to go to the movie theater. We bought our $6 popcorn and our $6 soda and sat down to watch "Source Code".

We both liked the movie.   'Source Code" is kind of  like  "Avitar without the blue people and just 8 minutes at a time! Or maybe it is more like the "Matrix" without the slow motion bullets and dudes in dark suits and sunglasses, 8 minutes at a time.

It was a very exciting movie. It had a nice romantic story with  Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan, who you might remember from "Eagle Eye" or "Mission Impossible III" or "Gone Baby Gone".  Jake plays a soldier on a mission that you and he are unclear on at first.  He must complete his mission 8 minutes at a time on a train! That's all you get until you see it.   You must suspend disbelief to enjoy the movie, because it has a huge "yeah right" factor.  However, it is pretty cool and I enjoyed it.

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