We are in such a hurry these days. I honestly am scared every time I drive now. I have found myself avoiding the interstate and major highways and just traveling by the back roads because I feel more safe. Every time I drive I feel like I have been doing crunches in the gym for an hour or two due to the stress. Drivers are more rude and distracted than ever.

How often have you seen someone driving just under the speed limit and see people pass them and flip them off or holler at them? You may be comfortable driving the speed limit but others may not. It is a speed LIMIT not a mandate. What if that person just left the doctor and found out they have a disease? What if they are just leaving the funeral home where they had to see a loved one who had passed? What if they just lost their job and were driving home trying to figure out how to tell the family? The last thing they need is you being an idiot to them.

You are not alone on the road. It is shared by many with different agendas. Be safe and courteous out there. I know I have been guilty of being both of these people on the road. I have been the slow guy and I have been the idiot as well. I always have a look of satisfaction though when the guy who went speeding by me ends up beside me at the light a few miles ahead. I always glance over and give them "the look". The same look the tortoise gave the hare. Share the road and keep in mind the feelings of others. We can make it a kinder world one mile at a time.

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