I have lived here for over 30 years and have seen so much growth in Northern Colorado. It barely resembles the place I moved to in the late 80's. All of the towns and cities have grown so much and with growth comes more people and a lot more traffic. I used to roll to work in about 13 minutes and it now takes about 20 just due to lights and intersections that didn't exist a few years ago.

I live in Greeley where we have the strangest street system with addresses that end in "street road court way" and other odd terms you only hear in Greeley addresses. It can get rather confusing to try to navigate your way around. I can get lost in Greeley, heck I can lost in my driveway, but I really struggle driving in Fort Collins. I actually dread the drive to Fort Collins. It takes as long to get through Fort Collins as it does for me to drive to Denver anymore. It is my least favorite city in our area to drive through. I love the people but I hate the traffic. I have no problems rolling through Loveland or Windsor but Fort Collins traffic scares me.

How about you? What is you least favorite Northern Colorado city to drive through?

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