Pueblo says 'Bienvenidos' to all ghosts and goblins, apparently, according to a new list. Why does the home of the annual Colorado State Fair rank so high?

It sounds like if you are looking for a Halloween-inspired road trip, the three-hour ride to Pueblo may be what your looking for; or looking to avoid, depending on your actual need to be frightened.

The gang at TreeTopia put a list together of the most haunted locations for every state. Which, at first glance seems weird, because they're a site about trees. But, what if I said 'Sleepy Hallow?' - the first thing you think of is a scary forest, so TreeTopia probably does now about 'haunting' things.

They went on the 'only if you dare' search for which states ranked as the 'most haunted' and then to which cities in those states were 'most haunted.' For Colorado, Pueblo takes the Addams Family cake.

Pueblo, according to Ghost Sightings of America, has had 44 ghost sightings, which places the city roughly right in the middle of the list for all 50 states (El Paso has had 192, and Wilmington, Delaware has had 13.)

Then, Pueblo bumps it up a notch on the 'scary scale' by having the 'most haunted place' in Colorado, according to Shadowland Haunted Places Index. That place is the Rosemount Museum.

The Rosemount is a museum within in a mansion built in the late 1800's, for a rich banker, John A. Thatcher and his wife; she named the mansion after her favorite flower.  The museum/mansion has been listed on several lists, including 'America's Castles' and widely-known to be haunted by 'unknown' ghosts. Personally, I prefer it that way- I'd rather not be acquainted.

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So, if you dare, head down to Pueblo and look for paranormal activity and take a tour of the Rosemount; you'll have made a full-fledged trip to Colorado's 'Most Haunted City.'

[Source TreeTopia]

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