Not all cities allow fireworks. Greeley does, but there are rules. The City of Greeley allows the use and sale of fireworks classified as “consumer fireworks,” which are intended for use by the general public.

What Fireworks Are Allowed in Greeley?

Greeley allows Consumer fireworks, which includes cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, wheels, ground spinners, illuminating torches, dipped sticks and sparklers, and snake or glow worm pressed pellets. Any fireworks purchased from a licensed vendor in the State of Colorado can be used in Greeley.

What Fireworks Are Not Allowed in Greeley?

Any firework that explodes or leaves the ground and flies through the air is illegal in Greeley and the State of Colorado. Not only are these fireworks illegal to use, it is illegal to even possess them in Colorado.

What if I Want to Sell Fireworks?

Each year the City licenses the fireworks sale locations.  The process includes the Finance and Fire departments and the Code Enforcement office.  This year the City has streamlined the process.  All forms that need to be completed and information regarding the financial obligations are available online at

Please call Christina Quintana at 970-350-9728 with any specific questions.

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