Skull at World's Largest Yard Sale

My wife bought this Wonda-Chair stroller system 18 years ago at a garage sale. It was to be the stroller for our children, but alas we never had any kids.  We have finally made the difficult decision to part with it... and, the perfect place to do that is the World's Largest Yard Sale on Saturday (August 25th) at the Outlets in Loveland.

What's it worth?  We have seen similar items sell for as much as $700 on e-Bay.  Don't worry, we won't charge that much, but we won't let it walk away for nothing either!

The World's Largest Yard Sale will feature hundreds of vendors selling unique items & crafts at the Outlets at Loveland just off Highway 34 & I-25. There will be food and activities on site as well. Come enjoy a petting zoo, showcases, and more. Stop by the K99 booth for your turn at the Prize Vault.

The FREE event is open from 7am to 3pm on Saturday.


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