We know times are tough, and you may be looking for a second job to get some money for the holidays. Well what if we paid you to listen, and you didn't have to work to get paid?

You'll have a chance to earn ten dollars for every hour you're on our payroll, with our "K99 Payroll Game"! Here's how it works:

  • Fill out the form below with all the information needed so you have a chance to be "hired" onto our payroll!
  • Listen weekdays (starting Monday, October 31st) at the top of EVERY hour starting at 9 A.M with the Good Morning Guys, all the way until 5 P.M. with Matt Sparx!
  • If we call your name at the top of an hour, you have nine minutes to call us back at 800-500-2599 (2K99). If you call us back within that nine minutes, you instantly win $10!
  • It gets even better because if we call a name the next hour...and they don't call back before their nine minutes is up...you stay on the payroll and win an ADDITIONAL $10 for every hour you are still on!
  • The possibilities for how much money you could win are ENDLESS!
  • Lastly, Thursdays are "BONUS DAY", and we want to spread the bonuses to YOU. So you get paid $25 for EVERY HOUR on Thursday from 9a - 5p!


Want to have a chance at winning? Fill out the form below and you'll be one step closer. Good luck!



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