A middle school teacher in Commerce City, Colorado resigned Friday in the wake of a message he posted on a classroom screen.

Kris Burghart, an eighth grade teacher at Otho E. Stuart Middle School, posted a message to his students on a projection screen that read, "Silent reading...I want to kill children but I am a loving Christian man who would never hurt a flee so please sit down and read." Burghart, who admitted to writing the message, was put on administrative leave but resigned from his position at the school on Friday.

Tracy Rudnick, a spokeswoman for Commerce City School District 27J, told the Denver Post that although "He is a very well-liked teacher....we don't stand for anyone making threatening remarks." The school principal, Fabricio Velez, said in a letter to parents that "no student was in danger at any time."

The message that Burghart wrote and his departure from the school has resulted in upset parents, but not necessarily in the way we would think. Burghart was a very popular teacher at the school and some parents posted on the school's Facebook page their disappointment over his resignation.

Source for story: Fox News and The Denver Post.

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