There is something special about a father/son relationship, as a father I can attest to that first hand. Unfortunately for these two, after a long night of drinking, this father/son relationship took a turn for the worse and ended with a night of chaos and violence.

According to the Greeley Tribune, officers responded to a shooting near Milliken, where the father said that he shot in self defense after his son became violent. Fortunately no lives were taken.

The father also explained that his son had drank too much alcohol, became violent and began strangling his father and punching him in the face. Reports state that the man had a knot the size of an egg on his head from being hit.

Thankfully, no lives were taken when a 75-year old man shot his 41 year old son in self defense after the son became violent. Officers found the man's son in the bathroom and records state that the gunshot victim affirmed that the shooting wasn't his father's fault.

Two days later a detective went to the house where the son said he had no memory of the events after drinking and watching TV with this Dad...the last thing he remembered was waking up to blood on the bathroom floor and waking up as the intubation tube was being removed from his throat in the hospital.

The next morning, the man was arrested for second degree assault. His next scheduled court appearance comes next month.


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