This is a great idea!  Weld County is setting aside up to $12,000 per student to further their education! Where does the money come from?  What do you need to study to get the money?  Who’s eligible?

University Students
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$3,000 per year (up to $12,000 for four years) can go a long way towards a college education. Now, Weld County is providing that kind of money to its high school grads, and others. The new ‘Bright Futures’ grant program was started as an investment, in not only the futures of those who take advantage of it, but also into Weld County’s own future.

Sounds crazy, right? Up to $3,000 per year?  It sounds crazy, only because nobody’s done it like this before.  Here’s how it goes- Weld County has set up the program with an initial $15 million, with more money to be added, as needed, later.  Most Weld County high school grads, students with a G.E.D., or honorably discharged veterans, just need to fill out one form. Boom!

It doesn’t matter what the applicant wants to study, either. There isn't a mandate that you have to study agriculture or energy production, which are the two main industries in Weld County. If you want to be a chef, an artist, or a radio DJ, it doesn’t matter. Nor, does the fact that an applicant wants to attend school out of Colroado. They just want students to further themselves, and know that the cost of a higher education is one of the key hindrances to doing so.

The grant program will be funded through the public’s and Weld County businesses’ donations.  The incentive to donate is great, too: Donate, and you’ll get half of that money back in your tax return in the form of a property tax rebate! Nice!

Win-Win. Who's in? Check it out, HERE!

[Source: WindsorNow]

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