Weld County Commissioners have approved the installation of new speed limit signs on Weld County Road 388 between WCR 61 and the entrance to the 70 Ranch in Kersey. Drivers will now notice 25 mph speed limit signs on the one-mile stretch of road.

WCR 388 is a gravel road that averages 648 vehicles per day with 71% being truck traffic. While drivers travel an average of 40 mph on WCR 388, they have to drastically slow down upon turning onto WCR 61 or entering the 70 Ranch as the speed limit inside the ranch is 25 mph. In the past five years, accident records show three accidents on this segment of the roadway each only including property-damage only.

The speed limit signs will be installed by the end of June. To indicate the change, the Weld County Department of Public Works will display red flags atop the new signs alerting drivers of the reduction in speed.

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