Weld County Commissioners have recognized the efforts of four Weld County Deputies who were awarded Life Saving Awards by the Sheriff’s Office. The deputies’ work saved the lives of two people in separate incidents earlier this year.

The first incident occurred on February 18 as Deputy Landon Sauer, along with other deputies, was eating at a Greeley restaurant. As the deputies ate, a woman sitting near them began to choke on her food. Deputy Sauer performed the Heimlich maneuver three times to dislodge the blockage from the woman’s throat—after which she regained her ability to breathe.

The second incident occurred on August 16, and involved a call made to dispatch regarding a man who had stopped breathing at the Weld County Court House. Deputies Steven Jaramillo, Grant Yount, and Derek Kinch responded and provided medical aid to the man before the ambulance arrived. The officers applied the AED twice and performed CPR in shifts before being relieved by paramedics. The man was present at Monday’s Board Meeting to thank the deputies who saved his life, and pledged to place an AED machine at a location that does not yet have one. A plaque will be placed near the new device commemorating the deputies action.

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