Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer made it known to state government officials and Colorado Governor Jared Polis that she doesn't want to see new restrictions.

9News reports Kirkmeyer pushed back during a County Commissioners conference call last week.

During the meeting, it was suggested by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment executive director Jill Ryan to drop Weld County from Level Yellow (50% capacity of indoor facilities) to Level Orange (25% capacity). The levels are determined by a combinations of new cases, positivity rate and hospitalizations.

Kirkmeyer responded by saying: "You tell her no. Just tell her no."

Kirkmeyer elaborated on 9News' Next With Kyle Clark:

"Our health director brought up about that he expected to get a call from the state health department saying that they were going to move us to the orange level. And that's when I said, 'you tell her no, that she can't do that until she speaks to the Board of County Commissioners,' which is what we thought this meeting was going to be about and was not."


Kirkmeyer also had a testy exchange with Polis over when the county meets in person and when it telecommunicates. Kirkmeyer also question how stricter orders would be enforced.

Here's more from 9News:

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