Yikes. Having a child is not cheap, the hospital bills can rack up pretty quickly so I can totally sympathize with this couple down in Westminster that had to pay an extra $5000 because of some random birthday rule.

According to CBS Denver, Jessica Rapp and Jake Irwin say they are having to pay  $5,000 more for the birth of their son, Jack, simply because of when their birthdays fall in the calendar year.

This "birthday" rule that I had no idea ever existed states that if each parent has separate insurance, the newborn must be covered under the parent whose birthday falls earlier in the calendar year. WHAAAAT?

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Irwin’s birthday is in January, and Rapp’s birthday is a month later in February, so Jack had to be covered under his father. They went with the Mother's insurance simply because it was better insurance but now that has turned out to cost the family an extra $5000.

The family has no choice but to pay it so they are now looking at a three year payment plan to get things squared away.

This "birthday rule" was never brought up prior during any prenatal meetings, visits with doctors and that's not surprising to me because my son is 6 and this is completely mind blowing to me.

The rule however has been around for a while, The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Insurance says the rule started in the 70s as a way to ensure a newborn would be covered.

If you or someone you know is looking to have a kid anytime soon, better get the scoop on this rule.

You can call 303-894-7490 or check out more info HERE.


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