Well we made it to the weekend. It was another battle but we made it through the work week. I hope you were able to achieve what you needed to and kept sane through it all. I made it but it took a little daily inspiration as usual. I put these up weekly hoping they may help others but truthfully I need these thoughts in my head to keep walking tall and remembering that we have all already won the battle. We just need a little reminder now and then.

Here are a few that came into my skull that got me through. Hope something sticks with you as well. Have a fantastic weekend.

sometimes the heaviest weight in the world is yourself. It can be very hard to pick yourself up but only you can do it. Take a deep breath, focus and lift yourself. You are stronger than you think. Walk tall and be strong...you are.

There is no better feeling than making someone smile...it spreads like wildfire too. Burn some happiness into this world today. There is plenty of tinder, let's light it up

tell me I can't do something then I invite you to sit back and watch it get done

there is happiness out there...are you open? it can't come in if you have closed your doors

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