Well this has been one of those weeks where I have needed a little extra inspiration to get through. Life has a tendency to throw you a bunch of unexpected curve-balls and it can be a challenge to try to hit them or at least dodge them. Here are a few of the things that popped into my head to help me this week. I hope there is something of benefit to you as well. Stay strong and never give up. You may lose a round or two but never lose the fight.

Passion is life. Passion makes love intoxicating. Passion makes work not a job. Passion makes food savory. Passion makes recreation exhilarating. Passion fuels our soul. Find where you store yours and pour that stuff all over.

Life's sea gets a bit choppy and rough sometimes but if you grab your surf board and find the right wave it can be quite a ride. Jump in and ride a wave today. Let it take you where it may and just roll with it. Sometimes letting go of control and just riding what comes your way is the most exhilarating feeling there is.

This is the day!!! why the hell not? Let this be the one. Today start fresh and let go of what burdens you. Put what it is you want in the windshield and keep looking and moving forward towards that. Adjust the rearview but don't let it guide you. Much wonderfullness awaits if you open up and just let it in. Peace and love y'all. May your mind be at ease today



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