Welcome to Friday and congrats on making it through another work week. We all need a little help to get through the day sometimes which is why you will find this blog each Friday. I write many little sayings or thoughts that pop into my head throughout the week and share them on my personal Facebook page then on Friday I like to gather them all together and pop them up on our website. I find I often need a little inspiration to get me through a day and words have power like nothing else. Here is what filled my head this week. If something should be of help to you...I would feel blessed. Good luck out there.

Do what you say you will do and be who you claim to be...peace of mind will follow. Have a victorious day!!

Not everyone wants to be needed but we all need to be wanted

Wake up to a fresh slate. New day, no baggage to carry that don't choose to throw on your back. Let go of it all today. Free yourself and carry a lighter backpack of burdens. Nothing is worth the extra weight. Walk tall. You can do great things today if you put up your wall and protect the world and vibe you create. You have more power and control than you may think. Bring the best of you today.

quit trying to figure out what is going to happen and start figuring out how to handle what is happening...I need to do this. Good luck with your day. You will win. Be you. You rock and there is no one like you. We need the flavor you bring to this life. It is bland without all of us. Let it roll and let your love flow.

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