Welcome to the weekend. I hope you had a week full of achievement, acceptance, peace and love. We have to work for our happiness every single minute of the day. If you let your guard down even for a second that nasty ole negativity and self-doubt can sink in. Here are a few of the thoughts that kept me rocking this week.

There is a plan for you. You just need to pay attention to where the world points you. You may be surprised in the direction you are pointed but have faith and follow it. There is more than one road out there...drive around and explore a bit. Sometimes you may be pointed towards a road you have never driven before, don't be afraid, you know how to drive, just enjoy the view. You may find a beautiful new path you didn't know existed. Buckle up and go off road today. peace and love to you fellow Warriors. Find your happy.

Good morning Warriors...let's get out there and spread some positivity and kindness today. There will always be obstacles and you may need to remove some. Always keep in mind the ax will forget but the tree always remembers so make sure you are hacking at the right trees when you clear your path. Walk tall Warriors. We have a job to do.

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