We are in this battle together. We are the people and we make the mood and create the energy out there. It takes a positive mind set and dedication to be happy. It can be a lot of work and every little bit of encouragement certainly helps get through the week. Here are some of the things that hit my melon to help me this week.

24 hours in a day...even if a few of them are suckful you can still have a few great ones...they don't call it happy hour for nothing.

A new day awaits. Feel like you may struggle already just trying to get going? Try something different today. Take a different route to work, rearrange your desk or the furniture in your living room. Do something to change what you see around you and it may change how you see the day. Good luck today Warriors...find that happy

Alright fellow Happiness Warriors...what are you going to see and hear today? There will be beauty and ugliness...there will be music and there will be noise...there will be love and there will be hate...choose what you want to focus on and see, hear and feel that..you can block out the rest and put it in it's proper place...it's just noise. Choose to see, hear and feel the good stuff. We have a job to do Warriors..we really can change the world one encounter at a time. Let be so positive and awesome that it changes the angry ones too. You in?

As you head out the door today realize that whatever is out there is still out there regardless of whether you are in a good or grumpy mood...you get to choose. Make the right choice and spread it around. Have a great day y'all

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